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About / The achieved successes


a)       İn 1999-2002 this organization carried out anti-tobacco campaign advertising law of Azerbaijan Republic was changed under the influence of ICU, and the advertisement of tobacco products was banned. The sale and production of fillter tobacco were banned in Azerbaijan ( the decision of  Cabinet of Minister 31.10.2001). 6 type of dangerous cigarette were put in order from the commodity market of Azerbaijan, and for the first time dangerous products were destroyed. Smoking people decreased o,8 percent.

b)      20 type dangerous goods were put in order from the commodity market of Azerbaijan

c)       23 type lottery company were closed which deceived people and forged lottery was banned.

d)      It was defined that 70 percent of market was occupied by forged, and dangerous salts, state organizations were informed about that and these enterprises were closed.

e)      The subjects of consumer right for the first time was tought in University of Corporation.


Judicial process

For the first time of Azerbaijan history, judicial process about consumer right was carried out. In these court consumer right were protected.


Protection of consumer rights

The rights of 95 percent citizen who applied to this organization were protected. While ICU protectcs consumer rights in comparison with other organizations of many countries this oeganization does not take any royalties from consumers. 

First experience in protecting the rights of consumers around the world - are using the telephone mediation. 70% of complaints are resolved through mediation by telephone.




Azerbaijan Consumer Food Safety Seal (ACFSS)


İCU gives the produced goods Azerbaijan Consumer Food Safety Seal (ACFSS) in the country since 2013. This is the first experience in the world.



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