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About / The members of managerial staff



Eyyub Huseynov

was born in 1947. He graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute,he graduated in Europe Consumers Center. Now he is a chief of ICU. "Golden pen" award winner by Media.




Alakbarov Miryaqub Kamal


He was born in 18 June 1960, in Quba.

He  graduated in Moscow – Polatava University for sciences of commodities.

Currently, he is working as the deputy director of community Guba District Public Catering Establishments.He is Chairmanin Quba district of the Independent Consumers Union (ICU). Also, he founder and Chairman of  the public community “Sustainable development of mountain villages of Guba”.





Nusrat Qasimov


Gasimov Nusrat İdris was born in the village of Shirvanli of Barda region in 22.08.1942. He entered the 1st class in 1949. He graduated from school in 1959. In 1963 he entered the Polytechnic Institute. He worked at various jobs until 2006. He promoted as deputy head of the General Office of Gas. He worked as head of the department of the company in 2006-2009. He is a member of Independent Consumers Union (ICU) since 2010.





Alisafa Mehtiyev

was born in 1962, graduated from journalism faculty in Baku Statev University. He is a Karabakh war veteran. Now he is a president of  “Ulus” honorary awards foundation.




Habil Isgandarov

Habil Iskenderov was born in 1973.He graduated from Baku State Universitety the faculty of Social Sciences and psychology (by a degree of philosophy),Odlar Yurdu University the faculty of law (by a degree of  jurisprudence). He is an arbitrator of International Arbitration Court of Azerbaijan.

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