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Consumer rights / International documents
Rights of user avowed in the world’s countries and international organizations 

I. Rights of user were avowed by the United States of America in 1962:
1/ Security right 
2/ Information rights 
3/ Electoral rights
4/ Rights to be listened
II. Rights of user were avowed by European Economic Union in 1975:
1/ Security and health right
2/ Right in defense of economic interests 
3/ Right for compensation of damage 
4/ Information and education rights 
5/ Right to represent
III. Rights of user were avowed by United Nations Organization (UNO) in 1985: 
(Leading principles in defense of user’s rights)

1/ Physical and health security of users 
2/ Right in defense of economic interests of users
3/ Use of property and service corresponding to quality and safety standards 
4/ Increase in sale net of property and services enlarging electoral rights of users 
5/ Civil defense of users 
6/ Informing users for their defense 
7/ Support of realization of measures for definite property, service fields (example: medical, transport and etc.) 
8/ Broadening International relations in field of defense of users’ rights
IV. Announced rights of user by World User’s Organization in 1991: 
1/ Right to meet initial need 
2/ Right to use environment
3/ Security right 
4/ Right to claim compensation of damage 
5/ Right to be listened 
6/ Information right 
7/ Right to study customer education 
8/ Electoral rights

V. Avowed rights of user by laws of Russia Federation 
1/ Quality and security rights of consumer goods, service and works 
2/ Right to obtain information about user, executor and seller of goods, service and work 
3/ Right to claim while rights of user was violated 
4/ Right to claim vindication of violated rights 
5/ Right to claim choosing place of goods and use rules of goods 
6/ Right to claim compensation of surplus expenses, damage when right is violated 
7/ Right to study customer education and training 
8/ Freedom to organize for defending one’s interests 
9/ Social defense right of user’s interests 
10/ Right to use propitious environment
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